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Ship From EU Launch X431 TSGUN i-TPMS WAND Tire Pressure Detector Tool, Relearn,Reset and Program TPMS Sensors Work with Launch X431 V/V+,PRO3S+,PRO5,PAD VII etc.

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4 Launch TPMS: Launch X431 TSGUN i-TPMS WAND Tire Pressure Detector Tool, Relearn,Reset and Program TPMS Sensors Work with Launch X431 V/V+,PRO3S+,PRO5,PAD VII etc.
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Product Description

1. LAUNCH X-431 TSGUN i-TPMS WAND is a portable, affordable and formidable powerful TPMS tools, designed to work with X-431 diagnostic tools to expand new functions and generate new revenues for X-431 users.
2. Support activate TPMS sensors, Read sensor data, TPMS diagnose, read/clear TPMS DTCs; scan TPMS sensor ID, program tpms sensor.


Launch i-TPMS provides professional and comprehensive TPMS services for repair shops to develop their TPMS business. It can program LAUNCH LTR RF sensors for unlimited times to replace OE sensors. The sensor data can be read and written instantly and accurately, including sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery status, etc.

i-TPMS Features:
The i-TPMS serves over 98% of mainstream vehicles with a TPMS-equipped system available on the market.
Experience TPMS service by binding it with an X-431 scanner or using it standalone with the i-TPMS APP.
Supports all 315/433MHz sensors.
Binding it with an X-431 scanner: Activation, Programming, Relearn and Diagnosing for sensors.
The standalone mode working with the i-TPMS app: Activation and Programming for sensors.
Supports unlimited programming for LAUNCH sensors to replace OE sensors.

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i-TPMS mobile APP Function:
Brand new mode, combined with i-TPMS mobile APP can

Replace the tire pressure sensor
Activate sensor
Program sensor ID
Query sensor OE part number
Generate tire pressure detection reports, etc.

 i-TPMS App Download (Only for Android Smartphone users)
For Android system smartphone user, scan the following QR code or the QR code on the back of the i-TPMS device to download and install the i-TPMS app on the phone.
Unlimited Repeat Programming

LAUNCH TSGUN tpms programming tool can program LAUNCH SENSOR only, vehicle model is not limited, as long as the x431 tablet can support the model can be programmed. It can program 8 LAUNCH SENSOR simultaneously.

3 Modes to Program LAUNCH SENSOR

Manually create can manually enter the original ID
Automatic creation the system automatically generates ID
Copy ID copy the old sensor ID to the LAUNCH SENSOR if the old sensor can still be activated


1. Launch TSGUN tpms tool can activate all 315/433MHz tire pressure sensors with LAUNCH X431 series tablet . Use TSGUN to touch the tire pressure sensor on the tire. Press the OK button to see the sensor on the tire pressure monitoring interface of the launch x431 tablet. And collected tire pressure information, such as sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery status, sensor location, etc.
2. Visual interface, simple and easy to understand, quickly understand your tire status.
3. The sensor's default activation sequence : left front》》right front》》right rear》》left rear

TPMS Diagnose(Activate all TPMS sensors before TPMS Diagnose)

Diagnose the TPMS system, read and clear the TPMS dtc, view the detailed description of the dtc, and check the status of all TPMS sensors.
TSGUN is a good helper for quickly locating tire failures.

LAUNCH X-431 TSGUN TPMS WAND Tire Pressure Detector Tool -3

Relearn 98% sensors

Quickly relearn sensors: LAUNCH TSGUN tpms relearn tool can relearn 98% of OEM TPMS sensors to the car's ECU in 3 ways

1. OBD Relearn:Write TPMS sensor id toTPMS module throughOBD connector
2. Automatic Relearn:Complete by driving
3. Stationary Relearn:placed in the "Learn Mode"

In the learning interface, some basic information of the sensor (including manufacturer, frequency, part number, etc.) and the learning steps are displayed to help you find the correct learning method.

  Display   1.77’’, 168*128
  Battery   2000mAh
  OBDII Input Voltage   9V ~ 18V
  DC Input Voltage   DC 5V
  Working Current   ≤1A
  Working Temperature   -10℃~50℃
  Storage Temperature   -20℃~60℃
  Dimension   252*54*30 (mm)
Package List:

1pc x Launch X-431 i-TPMS
1pc x charging cable
1pc x User manual

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