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2024 New LAUNCH CRT5011E TPMS Relearn Tool + OBD2 Code Reader, Read/ Activate/ Programming/ Relearn/ Reset Sensor (315+433MHz), Tire Pressure Sensor

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4 Launch TPMS: CRT5011E (TPMS Tool + OBD2 Code Reader) 2024 New LAUNCH CRT5011E TPMS Relearn Tool + OBD2 Code Reader, Read/ Activate/ Programming/ Relearn/ Reset Sensor (315+433MHz), Tire Pressure Sensor
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Product Description

Launch CRT5011E TPMS code reader & diagnostic tool is specially developed by LAUNCH, which enables users to trigger TPMS sensor, program TPMS sensor, perform the relearning procedure and check sensor part number. Additionally, it also supports all 10 modes as OBD2 scanner for a complete diagnosis.

With built-in help menus and code definitions, diagnosing and repairing that dreaded Check Warning Light is now easier than ever!

LAUNCH CRT5011E TPMS Relearn Tool + OBD2 Code Reader

LAUNCH CRT5011E TPMS Relearn Tool + OBD2 Code Reader

LAUNCH CRT5011E Highlights

1. Full TPMS Function + OBDII Diagnostics 2 in 1: 
LAUNCH CRT5011E 2024 NEWEST TPMS tool integrated with tire pressure sensor Diagnose(Check),Activate(Read), Program, and Relearn. It activates and reads tire sensor information by receiving 315/433MHz signal, and resets the TPMS module through the OBD interface. CRT5011E also is an OBD2 scanner, which supports Read/Clear Codes, I/M Readiness, Data Stream, View Freeze Frame, O2 Sensor Test, On-Board Monitor Test, EVAP System Test, Vehicle Info, etc.
2. Activate 99% Sensors: LAUNCH CRT5011E TPMS Relearn Tool can easily activate most of the known OEM TPMS sensors. The main application scenarios of CRT5011E are tire pressure sensor replacement, tire replacement, car assembly and detection of whether the sensor is normal.Whether you are an automotive DIY enthusiast or mechanic, you can easily activate any brand of sensor with this TPMS reset tool.This TPMS Reset tool can also help you clear dreaded warning light of TPMS&Engine(emission-related).
3. 5 Programming Modes & 315/433MHz: LAUNCH CRT5011E tpms programming tool support easy and fast Auto Creat,Manual Creation, Copy ID by OBD, Copy ID by Activate, and Creat Multi-Sensor ( up to 8 ) to program the tpms sensor data into new sensors. (Note: It only available for LAUNCH LTR-01 Sensor and other Unencrypted sensor, highly recommend program LAUNCH LTR01 Sensor,search “B09CKDYKY7” to purchase) Professional Launch CRT5011E can program the sensor by receiving multi-frequency 315MHz/433MHz.
4. TPMS Relearn & Read TPMS ECU ID & Wide Coverage: LAUNCH CRT5011E is a tire pressure monitoring system relearn tool, which supports 3 relearn ways: 0BD Relearn, Automatic Relearn and Stationary Relearn. After sensor programming is completed, the Relearn function needs to be executed to register the sensor ID in the ECU. Besides writing the Sensor ID into ECU, it can read sensor ECU ID from TPMS. It is worth mentioning that CRT5011E also supports the diagnosis of 99% of the models on the market.
5. Fast & Accurate & Free Lifetime Upgraded: LAUNCH CRT5011E is a powerful and versatile tpms & obdii 2-in-1 tool. It is ideal for repair shops or tire shops to easily and accurately find and diagnose the faulty tire pressure sensor. You can update your CRT5011E from your PC at any time without any cost. Remember to check monthly for the software updates. launch may release several new features in the future to make your car obd2 and tpms diagnostics easier.
6. Supports 10 languages: English, French, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese. 


1. TPMS:

Activate and match with all 315 MHz / 433 MHz tire pressure sensors
Reset, relearn and reprogram tire pressure sensors fast
Diagnose the tire pressure issues and turn off the warning light by relearning and programming your new tire pressure sensor.
Reprogramming LAUNCH LTR01 sensors AND other Unencrypted sensors with unlimited times
Read tire pressure, tire temperature and battery status accurately
Reprogram up to 8 sensors at one time
Provide TPMS relearning procedures and sensor OE number lookup
Multiple ID generation methods: Automatic creation/Manual creation/Copy ID by Activation/Copy by OBD/Creat Multi-sensor (1-8)

2. Full OBD diagnosis: Read dynamic data streams and MIL/Read readiness status/Freeze frame data/Read DTCs/Clear DTCs/O2 sensor test/On-board monitor test/Read vehicle information, etc.

Please connect OBD2 port and start the engine before use.

Note: For indirect TPMS vehicle, only the Relearning function is supported.For vehicle using Direct TPMS, it generally includes: Activation, Programming and Relearning. The available TPMS functions may vary for different vehicles being serviced.

LAUNCH CRT5011E TPMS Relearn Tool + OBD2 Code Reader-1

5 Modes to Program Launch LTR01 Sensors and Other Unencrypted Sensors

The Launch CRT5011E TPMS sensor programmer tool can program all Launch LTR01 sensors and Other Unencrypted Sensors, including 315MHz and 433MHz, to replace damaged sensors.

CRT5011E has 5 modes to program Launch LTR01 Sensors and Other Unencrypted Sensors:

Auto Create: This function is designed to program the LAUNCH-sensor by applying random IDs created according to the test vehicle when it is unable to obtain the original sensor ID. Select the wheel which needs to be programmed on the tool, place a LAUNCH-sensor close to the TPMS antenna of the tool, and select CREATE SENSOR to create a new random sensor ID.
Manual Create: This function allows users to manually enter sensor ID. Users can enter the random ID or the original sensor ID, if it is available.
Copy ID by activation: It can get tire pressure sensor ID when the tire sensor is working normally, you can write in the retrieved original sensor data to the LAUNCH-sensor. It is used after the original sensor is triggered.
Copy by OBD: Firstly, you need to perform a Read ID from Vehicle in the Relearn function, which reads the sensor ID from the vehicle ECU. It can be used if the sensor is damaged and the original ID is saved in the vehicle system. You can use it to get the old sensor ID stored in ECU, and write it directly into your LAUNCH RF-sensor.
Creat Multi-sensor 1-8: This function allows users to program multiple sensors simultaneously. Up to 8 sensors can be programmed at the same time.

LAUNCH CRT5011E TPMS Relearn Tool + OBD2 Code Reader-2

Launch CRT5011E TPMS Tool can activate 315/433 MHz Sensors

TPMS Sensor Activate: Launch CRT5011E TPMS Diagnostic Tool allows users to activate TPMS sensor to view sensor data such as sensor ID, tire pressure, tire frequency, tire temperature, battery condition(voltage).

TPMS Relearn:

Stationary Relearn: Require the vehicle to be placed in the “Learn Mode”, follow the screen instruction to activate sensors, and perform stationary relearn.
OBDII Relearn: Allow the CRT5011E to directly write TPMS sensor IDs to the TPMS module via the OBD connector.
Auto Relearn: You can complete relearning by driving and refer to the on-screen Relearn Procedure for the exact details of the process.
Due to different car models, OBDII Relearn, Stationary Relearn, and Auto Relearn may not exist at the same time. Some models have all 3 relearn methods, but some models may only have one or two relearn methods.

!!! Attention >>>>>>>

1. LAUNCH CRT5011E TPMS Relearn Tool is specially designed to diagnose electronic control systems of 12V vehicles. Please note that it is NOT suitable for a six-wheeled dual-rear car.

2. For early magnet-activated sensors, place the magnet over the stem and then place the tool alongside the valve stem.

3. If the TPMS sensor requires tire deflation (of the order of 10PSI), then deflate the tire and place the tool alongside the stem while pressing the button.

!!! If you want to activate/check/read the tire pressure sensor, please point the CRT5011E TPMS Tool within 30cm of the sensor.

!!! To activate/check/read the tire pressure sensor, please ensure that you have selected the correct car model, year and frequency of tpms sensor.

!!! If you cannot activate/check/read the tire pressure sensor, please try other car years and frequencies.

!!! If you still can't activate/check/read the tire pressure sensor, please try deflating the tires while activating it(Some models require).

!!! If it still fails to activate/check/read the sensor, PLEASE FEEDBACK Your Car Model, Year and Sensor OEM Part Number to Us.

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Launch CRT5011E TPMS Relearn Tool for TPMS Sensor Program